Regarding the handling of personal information related to customer privacy, Kamotsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will take appropriate protection, management, and safety measures in light of its importance to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

Acquisition of Personal Information

If the customer enables cookies, etc. (including web beacons, UIDs, and other technologies, and hereinafter simply referred to as “cookies, etc.”), the Company will automatically acquire information about the PC, mobile phone terminal, tablet, or other information communication terminals used by the customer and information through cookies, etc.

Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company will use personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes of use.

  • To respond to product orders and inquiries and send materials
  • To ship ordered products
  • To deliver and send product DMs, catalogs, various notifications, etc.
  • To conduct campaigns, questionnaires, monitoring, events, prize competitions, etc.
  • To confirm and respond to opinions and inquiries regarding these services

Acquisition and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government uses personal data for the following purposes and shall only process it to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes:

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information will not be provided to any third party other than those for whom prior consent has been obtained from the person who has provided such information in accordance with the terms of use, etc. However, this does not apply when disclosure of personal information is required by a court or administrative order or other laws.

Disclosure, Correction, Addition, or Deletion of Personal Information

When receiving a request for disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of personal information, the Company will respond in an appropriate manner after confirming that the request has been made by the person in question.

Revision of Privacy Policy

The Company will review its Privacy Policy as appropriate and continuously improve it in response to changes in social conditions related to personal information and changes in social needs related to personal information protection. Please note that the Privacy Policy may be revised without prior notice.