Sake is filled with heart.

The ingredients for sake are rice and water.
That is all the more reason we believe that the individuality of the ingredients and the feelings of the maker become visible in one cup of sake.
The heart of the protector of quality rice and water
The heart of the brewer, who inherits the tradition
with uncompromising passion for sake brewing
The heart of the one enjoying the sake’s flavor
and that special moment



Kamotsuru uses the sake rice harvested in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture at a high altitude (300-400 meters above sea level). The region has ideal soil for growing rice as well as the perfect climate to produce rice.


At Kamotsuru, sake is made from underground well water that springs from the mountains in the Kamo mountain range. The elegant fine quality water contains just the right amount of minerals that make the sake gentle and smooth.


Kamotsuru has four toji, master brewers. The Hiroshima style brewing method has been passed down veteran to younger staff whose characters and ages differ.

Yeast The kura brewery that gave birth to Sake Yeast Kyokai No. 5

Until the existence of yeast was known,
the quality of sake differed greatly from brewery to brewery.
Once it was discovered during the Meiji period that yeast produces alcohol, the Brewing Society of Japan began cultivating yeast from famous breweries that produce good quality sake and distributing it to breweries nationwide.
In 1921, Kamotsuru dominated first, second, and third place at the National Sake and Shochu Competition.
Kamotsuru’s yeast was recognized for its excellence and distributed to breweries across Japan as the 5th “Association (Kyokai) Yeast”.